Monday, June 13, 2011

Tool #5

| View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

This was very frustrating to make. The photobooks, while cool at end, required more time and energy than I orignally thought. Hopefully my next one will be easier.

The Wordles are fun and easy to make.
Here is mine: Wordle: P90X

I used P90X as my Wordle because I was not in good school time mode.

Both of these tools could be used effectively in a classroom with different units of study in any content area. Also, as a "Get to Know You" activity.


  1. I really enjoyed looking at your photo book. This will be a really great tool for sharing pictures of your students and the projects that they do.

  2. Like your P90X wordle. That is hilarious. I am so looking forward to getting this 11 tools finished. Grad school is complete for now and I can devote my time to this project now.