Monday, June 13, 2011

Tool #11

1. My favorite tools are embedding videos, making the Mixbook photo album and getting more comfortable with blogging in general. I will definitely use this blog as an opportunity to connect more with my students and their parents.

2. I am not sure my thinking has been transformed as I have always been a fan and somewhat proficient with technology. I think what I am most excited about is having the devices (computer, iPads, etc) available to help the kids and teachers become more tech savy. This is definitely our future so I am excited to be a part of it.

3. Some of the tools that I thought would be easy were more time consuming and frustrating (embedding videos), but once I figured it out, they were all pretty easy. I think next time I use these tools I will have an easier go of it.

Tool #10

1. Three things that important about being good digital citizens: not giving away personal information; not bypassing certain safety/age restriction alerts; being respectful during posting and internet usage (everything can be traced).

2. I plan to show some of the Brain Pop internet safety as well as the iSafe information with my students.

3. I will teach the concept of digital citizenship using the sources I mentioned in #2 and by giving them situations and having discussions.

4. Same as #3, but with possibly more information.

Tool #9

1. It is important to tie technology to the objectives because our students need to be working towards a purpose and understand what that is. Plus we like to test them a lot in Texas! :)

2. It is also important to hold students accountable as they complete work using technology. Not only will the be more motivated using technology, but they need to understand there are set goals and purposes. One way would be to have them journal after using technology (good use especially if technology fails), as well as have them respond a certain number of times to the blog (reading response interactively), among many others.

3.I liked Thinkfinity and Studyladder. I think we can hold them accountable by what I said previously and also having them compete among groups of other students.

4.I have found several apps for the iPad and iTouches...some are math facts, state trivia, read alouds. There are so many and I would hold students accountable the way I previously stated.

5. iPads will be a great station because they are extremely user friendly and highly motivational for most.

Tool #8

This year I will have six iPads in my classroom. I will set them up as stations and have the students review math and reading content, as well as do research using the Diigo account I will create, as well as answer book study questions using the blogging format.

Tool #7

Content Objective:
Given artifacts for a scavenger hunt, TLW be grouped into one of the four Native American tribes in Texas, to create a presentation with other members on their tribe.

Plan for Implementation
This document with my teammates to plan an inquiry activity for the students to use as part of a preview for our Native American unit of study.

Tools for Use
Google Docs would be the best place to begin

Project Plan
This document can be created and shared with our team. It can serve as a preview/review for Social Studies, as well as a presention and technology grade.

Tool #6

1. For Tool #6 I created a Diigo account and a Skype account. I also have an Edmodo account that I created in February during a technology training in Austin.

2. In the classroom: we could use Skype to connect with other educators or even specialists in different fields that we are studying in. Using Diigo, I can collect a lot of sites that my students could use when they are researching projects. Edmodo would be a good way to keep in contact with my class.


4. I think all of these could be integrated into the classroom, but the most immediate would be this blog (I could post questions and students can respond) and then Skype.

**I decided to create a Wall Wisher account as I was unsure how to properly upload/link my Skype account. Wall Wisher was quite simple and user friendly.

Tool #5

| View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

This was very frustrating to make. The photobooks, while cool at end, required more time and energy than I orignally thought. Hopefully my next one will be easier.

The Wordles are fun and easy to make.
Here is mine: Wordle: P90X

I used P90X as my Wordle because I was not in good school time mode.

Both of these tools could be used effectively in a classroom with different units of study in any content area. Also, as a "Get to Know You" activity.