Monday, June 13, 2011

Tool #9

1. It is important to tie technology to the objectives because our students need to be working towards a purpose and understand what that is. Plus we like to test them a lot in Texas! :)

2. It is also important to hold students accountable as they complete work using technology. Not only will the be more motivated using technology, but they need to understand there are set goals and purposes. One way would be to have them journal after using technology (good use especially if technology fails), as well as have them respond a certain number of times to the blog (reading response interactively), among many others.

3.I liked Thinkfinity and Studyladder. I think we can hold them accountable by what I said previously and also having them compete among groups of other students.

4.I have found several apps for the iPad and iTouches...some are math facts, state trivia, read alouds. There are so many and I would hold students accountable the way I previously stated.

5. iPads will be a great station because they are extremely user friendly and highly motivational for most.

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