Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tool #3

1. Some of the video sites and news sites I currently am familiar with are: You Tube, Discovery Education, USA Today, Fox News, CNNSI, ESPN and several others.  I haven't really explored Kids Tube or Teacher Tube so that was interesting and I am sure I will use that again.  I have found all of these useful because I can embed different pictures and videos and make them relevant and interesting.  Especially since I am interested in them.

2. My two videos will be embedded at the end of this post, as I want to be sure to answer the questions and not lose my response.

3. As far as copyright laws are concerned, I learned it is okay to use parts of videos, just not the whole thing.

4. As far as using the Picasa tool, one way we could use them would be like after a field trip or school wide event where my class was in a lot of the pictures.  I could also use them to show different units in science like landforms or even geography. We could make a slide show of different vocabulary words too.

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