Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tool #2

1. The ideas of PLN's are great because it will help me get connected to other teachers who teach the same grade levels and content areas, as well as get feedback on ideas I have, or even generate new ideas.  These networks are terrific because they create opportunities to gather information from a variety of sources while expanding my interaction to include people outside my immediate circle of influence.

2. Seeing the tips for improving blog commenting was interesting, but my goals is not necessarily to generate a lot of feedback or get a bunch of comments.  When I incorporate this to be more of a teaching tool for my students, then I can generate more response type questions to get more comments.

3. I commented on Jamie Rusch, Sharon Gabriel, Deb Raschke, GT Book study blog, and my own. I also became a follower of several blogs.


  1. Katie, I like your emphasis on what's going to work as far as learning for kids goes, rather than just generating comments. George

  2. I agree with George. I don't write for comments and if it is "kid focused" then adult comments are not needed.